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Here you'll find input on a range of questions, from how to interface your financial system to Debtpack through to how to manage risk.


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  • About Pricing?
    Pricing is dependent on whether or not you require legal functionality. Contact us for an assessment of your requirements.

  • About Features?
    Debtpack is rich in functionality catering for pre-legal activities, as well as legal collections. See features of Debtpack.

  • About Credit Policies?
    We can help you define your credit policy and translate it into practical steps. Contact us for help with your credit policy.

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Sage Evolution

Softline Pastel and Debtpack have signed a Third Party Agreement.

How do I collect my debt?

Firstly determine when an account is deemed to be in arrears.  Then, transfer all arrear accounts o...
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How do I configure Debtpack to my requirements

What makes Debtpack unique, is the ability to configure to the exact requirement of the client, v...
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How do I get support?

You’re never alone! Debtpack is all about providing support.  Our company infra-structure allows ...
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How do I interface to my Financial system?

The Generic Interface module (GI) enables the electronic movement of account data to and from the C...
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How do I manage risk?

You need to determine and set boundaries! Debtpack  makes use of business logic to evaluate key pe...
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How do I manage staff?

Allocation of accounts to users, are vital in managing staff performance.  In Debtpack  user alloc...
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Debtpack will save you time and money. Stop letting overdue debtors get you down and take action today.