Credit Management and Debt Collection Solutions

Debtpack is modular with a solution for private sector organisations from small to large, as well as public sector organisations such as municipalities.



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Public Sector

    Single Multi Multi Plus Multi Legal  

  Data Base


MS-SQL Express


MS-Excel Debtor Import

Files generated by any financial system can be mapped and imported into the system seamlessly. The system accommodates repeat imports of account holder details, transactions and balancing. Full audit ability and data verification is included.

MS-Excel Transaction Import

 An standard excel template is supplied which enables you to arrange your data into the correct format for importing.

3rd party Interface

Systems Debtpack Interfaces to See More    


Pre-defined pre-legal templates

A set of industry specific pre-legal form templates are supplied with the system.


These forms can be used as is or amended to meet the user’s requirements. Additional form templates can also be added.    


Pre-defined Legal form templates

The full legal process specific to the Country in which the system is used, is supplied as part of the master installation.      

Customized form templates

The system allows for customized templates to be added – including letterheads.


National Credit Act

The system allows the user to fully comply with the NCA as prescribed by the National Credit Regulator. i.e. Debt Review; Debt Suspension; Debt Rescheduling; Surrender of Goods as well as a Business days calculator have been incorporated; n/a n/a

Debt Collectors Act

The system enables debt collectors to act and raise fees in terms of the Debt Collector's Act.      

Magistrates Court Act

 The system enables the owner of the debrt to institute action in the Magistrates Court to collect their arrears. The system automates the whole process from summons to warrant of execution.      

 Business Rules

  Enterprise's Business Rule editor enables the system to be set up to run to global requirements, and specific requirements per creditor, branch, debtor and step.    

 Sheriff Updates

  Summonses have to be served by the correct sheriff. The sheriff database takes care thereof. Updates are supplied when changes occur.    

 Standard Workflow

  Enterprise's Standard Workflow takes you through the best of breed processes for your industry.  

 Enhanced Workflow

  Enhanced Workflows combined with the Business Rule Engine enable bespoke workflow to be setup specific to your needs.    

 Resource Levelling

  Resource levelling enables you to balance the workload between users.    


  The communications engine enables you to send sms' to your service provider or via the Debtpack portal.  

 Credit Bureau

  Credit Searches, listing and delisting of account behaviour can be done via the Debtpack portal to the provider of choice.  

 Credit Control

  The Credit Control Module enables Municpalities to plan, action, manage, control and report on workforce activities to restrict access to services.        

 Workforce Management

  Workforce management enables you to determine who did what, when and why. It combines with the Credit Control, Debt Collection, Legal and Indigent Management modules.        

 Indigent Management

  Indigent Management consists of capturing new applications, verifying the data and the annual verification of exisiting applicants.        


Scoping Enterprise automates the enforcement of your credit policy. Scoping investigates, documents and designs the workflows, processes, procedures and documents that convert your Credit Plicy into a Credit Solution.    
Analysis Analysis is done via a dashboard. The standard setup tracks overall and individual success. It identifies bottle necks. It shows what work is behind and what lies ahead.    


Auto update

Payment of the annual maintenance fee results in your system automatically being updated when version updates occur.


   The onlilne helpdesk enables users to help themselves or tolog a support ticket.


Debtpack will save you time and money. Stop letting overdue debtors get you down and take action today.