ADVANCED Credit and debt management software

Get pro-active and reduce credit arrears and bad debt with Debtpack - a South African developed software solution. Save time and increase cash flow with this advanced debt management software!

Solutions For effective debt collection

The credit control function needs to be effective and efficient. We can help you to define your credit policy, which Debtpack then manages and controls.

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Products To improve cash flow

Debtpack removes non value added activities and improves productivity. Integrated legal templates reduce the need for third party collections.

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FeaturesFrom pre-legal to legal

Debtpack will help you manage all the steps in the collection process. And when letters of demand and calls fail, it supports in-house legal proceedings.

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CustomersTailor-made solutions

Debtpack has been implemented in many companies, both small and large. The software also has all the unique features required by government municipalities.

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About Debtpack

Time to stop chasing your debt blindly

The credit control function needs to be effective and efficient. With Debtpack's advanced collection tools you gain a strategic advantage that ensures the success of your business. Debtpack helps you manage every step in the credit value chain ensuring you are always on top of your debt collection process.


Debtpack will save you time and money. Stop letting overdue debtors get you down and take action today.