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    Pricing is dependent on whether or not you require legal functionality. Contact us for an assessment of your requirements.

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    Debtpack is rich in functionality catering for pre-legal activities, as well as legal collections. See features of Debtpack.

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    We can help you define your credit policy and translate it into practical steps. Contact us for help with your credit policy.

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How do I configure Debtpack to my requirements


Accurate configuration creates efficient delivery.  What makes Debtpack unique, is the ability to configure the software to your exact requirements, via the front-end – NO DEVELOPMENT REQUIRED! 

Configuration is mainly:

  1. Database setup – during this phase, a scoping is done to identify the client’s exact requirements.  These are documented and used to by the “Setup” team to create a database structure to meet these requirements. Some of the setup items are:
    1. Company details
    2. Users that need access and the appropriate access levels
    3. Workflow protocol
    4. Templates (pre-legal & legal)
    5. Reporting
  2. Business Rules – The second phase would be to build the business logic for user allocation, account priorities and work escalation into business rules.