Debt Collection and Indigent Management for the Public Sector

Debtpack is a hugely powerful, customizable and adaptable solution for Public Sector Credit Managers who need an in-house customer-centric debt collection, indigent management and credit control solution.


Revenue Enhancement for Municipalities

Debtpack’s rapid revenue enhancement strategy rapidly improves and stabilises expected municipal revenue flows by automating, co-ordinating, managing and reporting on the simultaneous enforcement of all municipal credit control, indigent management and debt collection strategies, campaigns and workflows.

Debtpack provides the municipality with the reports required by the Auditor General to prove that all necessary steps have been taken prior to writing off debt including indigent management.

Benefits to the Municipality

Experienced credit managers use Debtpack Enterprise to drive results:

  • Stabilize cash flow - Debtpack’s rapid revenue enhancement methodology has been proven to stabilize and increase Municipal cashflows within 6 months.
  • Increase collection rates - case studies have shown an increase in the Municipality’s overall collection rate from 50% to 75% in 6 months.
  • Reduce debtor days - Debtpack's methodology ensures deadlines are enforced. Debtpack has increased revenue growth in municipalities while at the same time halving the time it takes to collect that debt.
  • Improve collection of Rates and Subsidies - a zero tolerance on money owed for water and electricity, has also improved Rates and Sundries collections.

Field Management Process with Debtpack

Services to help you implement effective credit management solutions


Debtpack offers a comprehensive methodology designed to ensure credit control policies are translated into practical solutions that will result in effective debt collection for your organisation.


Our implementation team will set up the credit policy business rules and integrate this into your financial system so as to automate mundane tasks and free up skilled staff to focus on more value added activities.

Ongoing Support

We build customer relationships that last a lifetime. Our expert advice and superior service are what are customers expect from us and what we are committed to deliver.

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Debtpack will save you time and money. Stop letting overdue debtors get you down and take action today.