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  • About Pricing?
    Pricing is dependent on whether or not you require legal functionality. Contact us for an assessment of your requirements.

  • About Features?
    Debtpack is rich in functionality catering for pre-legal activities, as well as legal collections. See features of Debtpack.

  • About Credit Policies?
    We can help you define your credit policy and translate it into practical steps. Contact us for help with your credit policy.

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How do I manage risk?


You need to determine and set boundaries! Debtpack makes use of business logic to evaluate key performance areas (KPA) within the collections process.  Some of these KPA’s are:

  1. Cost to capital ratio – Am I spending more to collect this account in comparison with the capital handed over?
  2. Prioritization of accounts based on business criteria – Giving each account a HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW priority, the business defines what should be focused on.
  3. Protocol compliance – Accounts cannot be written off until it has fully complied with the prescribed protocol.